New way to earn extra STOS

Stos Entertainment Co
2 min readJul 9, 2021


At the Stos Entertainment Co. we are excited to announce the arrival of our newest feature — STOS Lotto! Effective from July 9th, 9 AM EST, users will have the possibility to earn extra STOS by purchasing tickets from the lottery.

After this week’s first lotto, we will start weekly every Sunday at 1 PM EST, and ending Saturday midnight 12 AM EST. Draws will be Sunday 12 PM noon EST.

To participate users have to purchase tickets, 1 ticket is worth 10 STOS, users can have a maximum of 50 tickets (500 STOS). After the winning numbers are drawn, users whose ticket numbers match the drawn numbers will win an extra amount of STOS!

The way the lotto works is simple. Each ticket will provide a combination of 4 random digits, with each digit being between 1–14, for e.g. “6–3–5–1”

To win the lottery jackpot, 50% of the entire lottery pool, users need to match all 4 numbers on their ticket in the exact same order as the 4 drawn/winning numbers. If all 4 numbers do not match, as long as you match 2 or more numbers in the correct order you are guaranteed to win STOS.

Match all 4 numbers in the exact order = win 50% of the pot, it splits the pot if more than 1 winner.

Match 3 numbers in the exact order = win or split 20% of the pot.

Match 2 numbers in the exact order = win or split 10% of the pot.

The remaining 20% ​​of the pot is used as a management fee for the Devs to continue to bring amazing products to the Stos ecosystem.

At this time we would also like to mention that the long awaited BiShares launch has commenced! This looks to be gearing up for a massive success, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to still be a part of the FOMO Fund.

You ready to grab extra STOS?