SafeStos Update — and It’s NFT Party Time!

Stos Entertainment Co
2 min readSep 24, 2021


Safe Stos yacht party

It’s been a while, so we will make this short and sweet — the NFT yacht party has been scheduled for Oct 23rd starting at 9 am and docked back at 6 pm. The party will continue docked. This date is 100% and cannot be changed as we have paid for the yacht, DJ’s, catering etc. Hotel accommodations can be discussed if you DM us — we will not answer anyone that does not have an NFT for this matter. Any direct detail related questions must be posed after purchasing an NFT in order to be answered, as we have very little time to waste on such a small exclusive event.

The yacht will also encompass a tour of Punta Cana and the surrounding area while we party to a live DJ. There have been 20 female models that have been asked to attend free of charge to make the experience more palpable. After all, no one wants to be smoking cigars and sipping cognac at a sausage fest — so we have guaranteed the eye candy, ensuring it will be of utmost importance as we celebrate this special genesis event. Dress code? None. Be yourself. Not Vaxxed? All good — not really any restrictions to get into the DR at all. Be sure to bring a face mask as it’s generally required.

SafeStos Token

A lot of community members have been asking about what happens to the token after the event. This is a simple answer — these tokens can be migrated to v2 of the new coin to be held for the next announced party. The legend will continue.

We are also looking to partner with a major DEX to kick start the yacht campaign — if this develops you will hear about it!

Until then, Punta Cana airport is open, with zero Covid restrictions (check your flight for details as each country is different and yours may require one of those tests) but otherwise, the Dominican Rep. is ready for the SafeStos Party!

BiShares FOMO Fund

The FOMO Fund will be launching next Friday as their team informed us. This will add some new eyes on the platform which translates into increased demand and potentially a few more NFT buyers for the yacht party! This will also add credibility as we roll over into v2 and the next venue is announced.