Stos Entertainment Co. Announces Location of NFT Crypto Party

It’s been a long roller coaster of a 3 week process since launch, some have come out on top, others have endured, but the legend continues to grow…

The Stos Entertainement Co., would like to update the community on some key implementations from the past and look to the future of what we are building.

Shortly after launch, the devs implemented farming with three different categories and was successful for the stakers, that receive extra SafeStos tokens. These rewards are ending on block 7476124.

But, what are you going to do with all those tokens? Why is there incentive to hold these tokens? What utility can they provide?

We would like to officially announce two new products that will incentivize token holders to remain holding. The first is a single asset farm called StosSavings. This will enable the community members that hold SafeStos to stake their SafeStos for an APY. This won’t be a high APY, but it will be more than what you are getting in your wallet right now, which is nothing.
Our second product is a SafeStosLotto. This will be a bimonthly draw to stakeholders to win a free Main Event NFT. You will have to stake your tokens for 2 weeks at a time in order to be put in the lotto. Both of these will be enabled and notified within our Discord Server.
The community will be migrating to a Discord server we have created for a more organized and informative layout shortly. Both new products will be live soon, with more information in the Discord server when we launch.

We are also looking forward to the launch of the BiShares FOMO Index Fund (click here) as we are officially listed on this.

We would now like to inform the public that the biggest, most exclusive NFT crypto bash of the post covid era will be held in the beautiful, safe and tropical paradise sands of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!

How do you get there? Below you will find the amount of tokens needed in order to qualify to trade your tokens for the NFT entry tickets.

Quantity of NFT’s Available: 500 (can increase if the party sells out)

Tokens Required per NFT ticket admission: 25 SafeStos

What does this include?

- All inclusive Main Event Venue DJ Concert
- Open Bar
- Lottery draw for the exclusive afterparty
- Transportation to and from all events from approved hotels
*Conditions apply

Quantity of NFT’s Available: 50

Tokens Required per NFT: 250 SafeStos

What does this include?

- All inclusive Yacht Party
- Fully Catered
- Open Bar
- Private DJ
- Full day Punta Cana booze cruise sightseeing tour
- Main Event NFT’s included! (25 STOS Value)
- Transportation to and from all events
*Conditions apply

Quantity NFT’s Available: 3

Tokens required per NFT: 20K Safestos

What does this include?

- 5 Bed Villa from a list of oceanfront choices
- Personal chef with daily menus
- Transportation to and from the events
- Yacht Party Admission
- Main Event Admission + Afterparty
- Party of 8 covered for Villa and all admissions
- 4 days, 3 nights (extensions extra)
*Conditions apply

*All NFT holders must trade their SafeStos tokens by a certain date in order for management to successfully organize the events with accuracy on arrivals
*All transportation from events and hotels must be the approved hotels on our list. If you decide to stay at a hotel not on our list, no transportation will be included
*Security deposits for hotels must be booked through the hotels from attendees (trash it, you pay for it)
*Villa VIP Whales can stay longer than the 4 days, 3 nights at your own expense and organization with Villa Owners/Airbnb
*All NFTs traded for Safestos tokens are permanent and cannot be reversed once exchanged
*Airfare and hotels not covered by Stos Entertainment Co.

All this info can now be found on our new site, we have made the switch to the .com for a more global reach as we expand fast in the NFT entertainment industry!

Items we are still waiting on and will update the community in time:

— Coin Geko Listing
— CMC Listing
— Main Event DJ
— Venue
— Major Crypto Sponsors for Advertising at the event

NFT Token Powered Entertainment Venues