Stos Entertainment Co. NFT Monthly Updates

SafeStos has had a wild month, but we are continuing to buidl. Unlike most other flash in the pan coins that popped up and disappeared, the Stos Entertainment Co. is continuing to build a world class entertainment company for the years ahead in the crypto space using its innovative technologies via NFTs.

We are launching two farming pools today for two different crowds — one for the saver and one for the speculator — which can be found on “Earn SafeStos” menu tab on our website

The Single Stos reward pool is a single asset staking mechanism which requires very little effort to get Stos rewards and provides an APY from 11 am June 1 2021, till October 30th 2021.

The second farming pool we are giving back to the community is the BNB/STOS pool which will have a higher APY and last the same time frame as the single Stos pool.

The future is bright, we are building more tech to enable our token holders more utility. In the near future we will be launching:

  • StosLotto — A bi monthly lotto draw for token holders to win NFT tix
  • NFT swap — the ability to lock in your tokens for the party NFT’s
  • Cross token pools with up and coming token launches

In addition, the yacht has been booked. We are still in search of the right DJ for this venue to draw in the crowd, we need to have a great weekend. We are also getting our marketing package ready for corporate sponsorships.

Surely if you are still a token holder, you feel the need to see this company develop and grow and we thank you for this as we continue to find marketing partners and acceptance into the crypto community.

NFT Token Powered Entertainment Venues