The FOMO into Stos

It doesn’t take long these days to get people’s attention on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

As a FYRE fest survivor, I can tell you one thing — I would never want to put someone in that situation that we went through (thanks Ja 👍).

The team behind the SafeSTOS project aims to deliver unique NFT utility value for token holders and community members. With a focus on deep value for everyone in the STOS ecosystem, the team has developed a complex tokenomic structure, which rewards token holders with access to one of a kind events and what is shaping up to be THE DeFi party of the Post Covid Era.

As a new era approaches in the NFT world, Stos was born as an entertainment company. We are BSC devs and crypto enthusiasts alike with one mission in mind — the spread of positivity and egalitarianism throughout the culture and crypto market place.

But first things first. We deliver. Let’s look at how this insanity started.

The coin was started just as the pancake v1/v2 hemorrhaging began from the Venus vaults (great timing for us… NOT!!) and things got stupid pretty quick as there were tons of bots looking for new “safe” projects launching.

Was this a fair launch? Yes, in essence. Lets dig through this.

There was no plan yet, as we launched the token FIRST, just to get things started so we could alert the community of what our plan was. Well, the bots are smarter than degen humans now and much quicker if you haven’t seen it yet, so things started to fly. One thing leads to another, bot whales and people piked in like degen sailors off to save France. The meteoric rise was substantial, and in quick time word spread of who was actually behind this entertainment company and the buying didn’t stop.

Why? Well, a few fronts. There are only 100,000 STOS tokens. That’s it, it’s hard capped. The token actually has utility and is not some moonmoonass remake of safemoon tokenomics and the debauchery avalanche of coins that ensued and is continuing to spew out. We are throwing a Halloween crypto bash, and the NFT is your ticket to rub shoulders with the crypto degens. We are also trying to buy a yacht with fractional ownership so if you own a certain # of tokens you can qualify.

So to recap the token actually has value and is not based on speculation. It is very very rare. As 100,000 being total max supply, by today’s BSC standard is virtually impossible to find as a business model, and if crypto whales want to be the only 12 into the VIP lounge, they will have to buy 5K tokens in the open market.

The NFT’s being built for the party will also have rarity. You will also be able to re-sell them if you desire. But be warned, when this goes viral, the NFT’s will have a speculative value as we are building the entertainment company of the future.

Short-term plans

As for the near future developments, there a lot of things on the checklist to accomplish this week, which include:
- Coingecko listing application - APPLIED ✔️
- CoinMarket Cap and LIVE Coinwatch listing applications - APPLIED ✔️
- BSC Scan application — APPLIED ✔️
- Official Reddit page
- Audit - IN PROCESS ✔️
- Telegram Price BOT - APPLIED ✔️
- Our first AMA is Thursday 29th @ 8 PM UTC
- Marketing

Team and Party funds:
- 5% Party Fund Lock Up (contract Time Locked until Dec 31st, 2021)
- 5% Party Fund Monthly Distribution for Contract Obligations (venue deposits, costs etc)

- 10% Founder Wallet (contract Time Locked until Oct 31st, 2021)

We also want to solidify a partnership that the Telegram group has been asking about. The STOS team has been invited to be on the first BSC company Index Funds. Although it won’t be on the genesis funds that’s reserved for Top 10 BSC funds by market cap, we have agreed to be on their “wildcard” fund. Lets explore this a bit more below. We cannot name the Index Fund brand partnership, but we can assure you that by weeks end they will be public.

Index funds are a diverse way to buy or sell crypto assets. Funds can hold as little as two assets or an infinite amount. In the case of the Wildcard fund, it’s been spoken about that there will be 10–25 Micro cap degen companies that are added to diversify with. Most fund’s entry to the funds will be from the DAO when its launched, but the initial 5–7 will be managed at first to be able to move quickly and gain Index Fund presence on BSC. So, instead of holding 20 different coins, you can buy ONE, and it will buy/sell all the funds in that basket for you. One click, easy, safe and diversified. Don’t get rugged again, there is power in numbers and the research team at these funds have requirements and audits to list. Big things coming from these guys.

So why is this fund listing important to Stos Entertainment? Simple. People want to buy the index fund to get access to a broader range of moon shots. When a buyer presses the buy button for say $10,000, that money is distributed through smart contracts, and goes out and buys the underlying assets — in this case — a % of that buy in will acquire STOS. So, even if they don’t know about us, and just know about the projects in the fund, it still buys STOS token.

We hope you are getting the picture of how important this is, and why this token is real. As an entertainment company, STOS will be throwing the largest and most diversified crypto parties, but we need to gain confidence from our peers and fellow degens that we can execute as planned, and not become another FYRE Fest.

This is why we have enabled a 10% party fund that holds 10,000 tokens. This is to ensure we can deliver the best degen Halloween Yacht/Hotel Party that anyone has ever seen.
More details about the mystery location will follow as things get rolling. The higher the token value, the more luxurious it will become. Also, the higher the token value the more rare and valuable the NFTs become.

Hopefully this article will instill more confidence in the community as we gain momentum to go viral on TikTok, and more crypto degens want to attend the party.

Below are the lockups and tokenomics:

80% — Available via PancakeSwap — 80,000 tokens
10% — Founders (Time Locked — Oct 31st, 2021) — 10,000 tokens
5% — Party Fund (Time Locked — Dec 31st, 2021) — 5,000 tokens
5% — Party Fund (Time Locked — Monthly Distribution until Dec 31st, 2021) — 5,000 tokens

Please be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for more details about where this is all going and how you can be involved in the most epic entertainment company ever!






NFT Token Powered Entertainment Venues

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NFT Token Powered Entertainment Venues

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