Stos Entertainment Co. is proud to make history by officially releasing our first round of NFTs that can be minted using SafeStos tokens. Coming rounds will follow the same minting process.

The details that have been public for some time again can be found on our website, and the NFTs are live for viewing. Today marks the official start where ANY #SafeStos holders can exchange their tokens for the Yacht Party NFT.

The Yacht Party NFT will enable access to a fully catered event on October 30th, 2021 in Punta Cana - Dominican Republic. The NFT will include all food, drinks and entertainment. The picture below is the shot of the yacht in action, boasting tons of exclusive space, rooms, and party space for the DJ and crowd. The yacht will also be touring all day in the area while degens party even before the party.

Yacht Party NFT

We set up the contracts so that the token gets liquidated for sale, but HALF the BNB gets injected back into an LP! Thus, creating a stronger LP as we gear up for the big announcements.

NFT minting is available on

There are only 50 NFTs available to be minted. Once they are gone, they are gone, only to be exchanged at the event for the entry or resold on secondary marketplaces. A total of 12,500 tokens representing 12.5% of the entire SafeStos outstanding supply is essentially about to be locked in LP, making the token that much more rare and stable as we head into the meat of the planning and marketing.

Please add this address to hold the NFT in your wallet when minted: 0xd77486cd6c6b1cfd272cf1fe0b13ac6c58c7c12d

— Next week, we will be releasing the StosLotto, followed by a marketing campaign.

— We are still in search of a DJ for the main event. We are open to suggestions from the community.

— The Corporate pitch deck for sponsorships will be going out this month to kick start the partnership campaign.

The market in general has been shaky, but our community has shown excellent support — on the launch of our single STOS and STOS-BNB pools last week, there are 22,000+ tokens locked up earning APY! 22% of the total supply is off the market right now. As we continue to add the NFT’s, more tokens will be locked creating an ever deflationary pool.

We also are looking forward to the launch of the BiShares Index Funds, where we are a member of the FOMO fund.

Thank you for your support, we continue to build technology that will enable us to showcase our expertise in crypto NFT event planning.

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